Saturday, February 19, 2011

Insomnia = Cookies, very special cookies

At The Gourmet Pantry we don’t just throw store bought cookie dough in the oven. No, Ma’am! We jazz them up and sprinkle on some caffine for an extra special doze of Insomnia!

PB&J cookies and Chocolate Chunk Coffee cookies

These are simple recipes that can be made with ingredients almost everyone has in their Pantry. Unless of course you are allergic to peanuts! If so, move on to the chocolate chip/coffee ones. NO ONE is allergic to Coffee. God, I hope not!

PB&J Cookies

1 Package regular store bought cookie dough
5-6 heaping tbsps of Chunky Peanut Butter (more if you like it!)
¼ cup of any mixed fruit jam/jelly

  • Mix up the cookie dough with the peanut butter and voila! You are all set for baking!
  • Pre-heat the oven at 350° F
  • Roll out prepared dough into small balls (the size of a ping pong ball) and lay them out on a baking sheet
  • Press each ball of dough in the center, with your thumb, to make a ‘well’ for the jam/jelly
  • Spoon in your favorite mixed berry jam/jelly into the ‘well’ and bake according to instructions on cookie dough package (usually about 15 minutes).
A special batch of these cookies was mailed out our 25th Twitter follower! If you want delicious mail too, spread the word and encourage your friends to follow our blog and twitter! You might be the lucky recipient of some gourmet treats as well!

Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cookies (Yes, it’s got to be Chunks, not chips!!)

1 Package regular store bought cookie dough
¼ package of Chocolate Chunks
3 tsps of Instant coffee powder (dilute the coffee in a little bit of water)

  • Follow the same instructions as above (except adding the jam/jelly) and bake the deliciousness until perfectly golden brown!

*Tip - We like our cookies to be soft and cake-y so we bake them for a few minutes less.

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  1. Love love love the cookies :) so proud I could contribute :)

    These cookies are THE MOST delicious I have ever eaten, the PBJ's, you can eat the entire sheet right out of the oven, standing in your kitchen in the cold winters and eating warm oven fresh PBJs, there's nothing like it!