Monday, February 21, 2011

A day in the life of a Pepper(s)…and Tomato(es) - In Pictures!

I even made a song for this extra special soup…sing along will ya!?

“Broil it, peel it, bring it to a boil
Blend it, strain it and drink it with a smile!"

Juvenile? I know it! But it’s well worth it!! Treat your vegetables with love and creativity and they will tickle your taste buds until you can say “Sir, can I have some more, please?”

Rub the Peppers and Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Broil them in the oven for 50 minutes, or until skin is charred

 For the garnish, julienne some Basil and chop some Eggplant into thin straws. Fry these up until crisp and season with salt and red chili powder. Set aside for the big finish!

Once peppers and tomatoes are done, let them cool (or not!), and get some help peeling the skin off those babies!

Sautee onions and garlic in a pot with olive oil, add the peppers and tomatoes and season with salt, sugar, garlic powder, red chili powder and basil leaves. Stew it for 10 minutes and then add 2.5 cups veggie stock.
Simmer on medium heat for an additional 25 minutes

Puree the heck out of the mix with your immersion blender and put through a siev

Simmer the silky smooth orange yumminess for another 10 mins, and season again for taste

Bring it home with bells and whistles! Garnish with the fried eggplant and basil mix and add a freshly baked piece of puffed pasty to sop up this yumminess!

Ingredients for Soup:
6 Red Peppers
6 medium Tomatoes
3 cloves of fresh Garlic
4 Tbsps of Olive Oil
3 Basil leaves
1.5 tsps of red chili powder/cayenne pepper
Salt, sugar and garlic powder to taste

Prepare the Garnish:
1/2 cup of chopped Eggplant
3 leaves of Basil - julienned
Season with salt and red chili powder

Follow the pictoral steps above to make your soup and garnish!

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