Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sammy time with Lady Marmalade....

As we continue our lunchtime 'sammy challenge..... and all these food magazines seems to think it's Spring (don't you people know it's STILL raining and cold here in the North East?!), we are going with a different ingredient this week....orange marmalade!!! Citrusy & sweet enough to give us that hint of spring, but cheap and accessible enough to find all year round :) Because, let's face it, sometimes you need to be reminded that the sun does shine somewhere!

Pair this lovely jam with slices of honey wheat bread, gobs of milky fresh ricotta cheese, and a sliced-up granny smith (the apple, not your actual grandma smith)... and you've got one refreshing afternoon pick me up! I must admitt, the next time I create this little pocket of heaven, I am adding some proscuitto for a salty/sweet bite! Now, we're talkin'! Enjoy!

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