Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sammy Challenge continues.... Gobble, gobble!

Hi all--- doesn't that look yummy?? Look at those cranberries!! You might be saying, cranberries, in my sandwich? Seriously, do yourself a favor & try this cheese on a sammy. Whole Foods, and many grocery stores with large cheese sections carry SOME version of a cheddar or cow's milk cheese that has cranberries loaded into it. This week for our continued sammy challenge, we added this cow's milk cheese with cranberries to smoked turkey breast, honey mustard (yes, leftover from last week- SCORE!), and another sliced apple for crunch. Add some arugula if you like that pepper-y bite, or maybe even a pear for added sweetness!!!

All in all--- the lunch goods for this weekly sammy cost $25 at Whole Foods--- that's just $5 per day!!! Did I mention that $25 also included some fresh fruits & trail mix & instant oatmeal we got to snack on all week long? $5/day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How can you go wrong?

Have an idea or an ingredient you'd like to see in our weekly sammy challenge? Shout it out--- !!!

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