Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dessert Comes First…. Along with this post!!

To celebrate the birth of this blog, what better way than to begin with a bit of dessert? Something sweet always sets the mood right. With a glass of the cheapest yet sweetest strawberry champagne in hand, we have set off on the adventure to discover the absolute MAGIC that is…. Balsamic vinegar?! Who knew!!

And if you haven’t guessed the theme of our blog , or if you just don’t care to click on the “About Me” section yet (because honestly, we don't have the energy yet to write about ourselves in full on detail, food is clearly more important here)…. the goal with this culinary journey is to discover the subtle but overwhelmingly delicious secrets to  everyday, and not so every day, pantry ingredients.

This week we were inspired by that dark purple bottle that everyone seems to have and only ever uses as a salad dressing. Let’s be honest, balsamic vinegar by itself is a pretty damn strong flavor, but a delicious one at that. This simple ingredient can be transformed into something with endless possibilities… seriously people, our minds were racing after each bite, the ideas were just pouring in. 

As with everything in life, a gentle introduction to a world of possibilities is the best route. Here is a simple recipe to bring you into the wonderful world of balsamic vinegar. This is the best, and HEALTHIEST, substitute for chocolate sauce on any given day. You may never miss chocolate, well, ALMOST never….. check this out:

Holy Balsamic

½ cup balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
   1 tbs maple syrup (if desired)

Pour the balsamic in a small sauce pan and simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes or until a wooden spoon is easily coated and the sauce has reduced to a syrup-y texture. Let cool, pour over vanilla ice cream & sprinkle with strawberries, or whatever faves you have on hand given the time of year. Let mouth dance commence.

Holler back with any inspirational ingredients or suggestions regarding this recipe, or feedback in general. We may not care, or even read it because we love this recipe so damn much… but we can take the ‘hits.’ Watch out for more to come on this recipe…. Hint hint, balsamic CHEESECAKE anyone??!! 

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